Front Premium Semi Metallic Pads by RAYBESTOS - PGD1411M

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    Spirited Driver
      Precise Fit
      • Precision sizing of installation location
      • Improved Curvature
      • Exact Size & Dimensions
      Improved Design
      • Design improved over OE specifications
      • Daily Commute Tested
      • Excessive Weather Resistance
      • Treated at OEM Specifications
      • Corrosion Prevention
      • Reduced Wear Activator

      Product Information


      Raybestos is known for being the best in brakes. Element3 is one of Raybestos's product lines with improved features, that provide superior performance. It delivers a full selection of parts for complete braking system coverage. 

      Raybestos Element3 semi-metallic brake pads offer enhanced control and confidence to drivers. These professional-grade brake components, along with improved product attributes, match your expectations. These are the best-in-class automotive brake pads that make Raybestos a leading innovator. These brake pads deliver industry-leading coverage and braking performance. These brake pads are engineered to meet or enhance OE friction performance. Semi-metallic formulations provide quiet and strong braking performance for better braking power. It is perfect for drivers looking for superior braking control, a quiet ride, and strong stopping power.

      Features & Benefits

      • Offer unmatched performance and reliability
      • Wide coverage for both domestic and imported applications
      • Enhanced pad durability and wear
      • Superior stopping power with quiet operation
      • Premium multi-layer shims and stainless steel hardware for maximum noise damping
      • Coverage for late-models
      • Compliance with all environmental copper regulations
      • Hardware included, where applicable
      • Electronic wear sensor included where applicable


      Raybestos is a brand of automotive brakes established in 1902 by Arthur H. Raymond and Arthur F. Law of Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1906, Raymond and Law invented the woven brake lining, an important innovation in automotive brakes. From 1919-1989 Raybestos brand was manufactured by Raymark Industries, Inc, of Stratford, Connecticut. The Brand is currently distributed by Affinia Global Brake and Chassis

      RAYBESTOS's Warranty

      Warranty of 3 years / 36,000 miles excluding the parts such as(normal/uneven wear such as warping which could be an indication of faulty calipers and/or other faulty brake components), service grade 90 days. On Wheel Bearing and Hub Assemblies 12 months/unlimited mileage of warranty. EHT with 2 years of Trouble Free Performance Guarantee. vehicles such as Towing, racing, off-road, and fleet not covered under warranty. 24 months/24,000miles of warranty on RAYBESTOS CHASSIS Professional Grade, Service Grade - 12 months / 12,000 miles.

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      From the manufacturer

      Raybestos was established by Arthur H. Raymond and Arthur F. Law of Bridgeport in 1902. They invented the woven brake lining in 1906, which was a significant innovation in automotive brakes. The Raybestos brand products were manufactured by Raymark Industries, Inc, in Stratford, Connecticut through the years 1919-to 1989.

      Raybestos, with its innovative, dependable, and safe product ranges has been a world-renowned name in the brake parts industry for over a century. The customers believe in Raybestos as it has established itself as a brand that can be trusted for its quality. They have a dedicated team of quality engineers that work tirelessly to ensure each product matches or exceeds OE form, fit, and function, going all over their range including; friction, rotors, drums, calipers, hub assemblies, and hydraulics. All of their products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure high-quality and reliable products are received by the customer. They are seriously concerned about customer satisfaction with the purchase they make and safety in their vehicle.

      In the 1950s Raybestos products were used in auto racing. They understand the importance of brakes in such scenarios and invest heavily in the research and development of the entire brake system. It has been over a century since they have been setting the benchmark for quality brake pads. Their customers can enjoy the most advanced brake pad and rotor technology. The brakes designed by them are such that they provide the customer with "comfort in safety" (as long as the brake lining is in perfect condition).

      Raybestos R-line ceramic brake pads provide consistent braking performance and R-line brake rotors are designed for daily driving conditions. If you are looking for complete braking system coverage then Raybestos Professional Grade Element3 brake pads are your go-to choice. Raybestos is not only well known for its automotive brake pads but also for its performance rotors, master cylinder, and wheel bearings collection.

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