Muffler And Pipe Assembly Provides Muffler and Pipe Assembly parts made by various manufacturers. A complete internal drainage system helps prevent condensate acids from collecting between partitions or at the muffler heads. The section of tubing between the catalytic converter(s) and the rear muffler on cars that have two parallel exhaust pipes. Performance mid-pipes often have a perpendicular connecting pipe or the pipes temporarily merge. This is to equalise the pressure in both exhaust pipes.

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Muffler and Pipe Assembly by Walker

Mufflers And Muffler Assemblies

Walker offers a complete muffler line-up - to meet all customer needs

Quiet-Flow(r) Ss

The power of stainless steel
100% Stainless Steel muffler resists rust-out three times longer than competitors' premium aluminized mufflers.
Designed using OE-Style cross sections
Precision fit, Superior flow and OE-style sound and performance
Revolutionary stainless steel durability
Possibly the last replacement muffler you'll ever need
Fits like OE because we make OE


Quality material and construction
Walker(r) SoundFX(r) direct-fit and universal mufflers provide a quality repair alternative, at a competitive price.
OE-equivalent direct-fit designs for easy installation and quick service bay turnaround
Quality performance and acoustics
100% Aluminized material for longer life and quality appearance
Two tubes / two partitions internal design

Universal Fit

Quality mufflers with a universal fit that provide greater installation flexibility.
100% aluminized steel construction affords Walker Tru-Fit mufflers corrosion resistance, for durability and longer service life.

Walker Pro Fit Mufflers

Spot-welded bushings are featured on Walker Pro-Fit mufflers for greater stability and support, proving durability and long service life.

Walker Installer Turbo Mufflers

The proven turbo-flow design allows Walker Installer Turbo mufflers greater installation flexibility, as they are reversible.

walker glass pack mufflers

A heavy gauge shell and expandable bushings are featured on Walker Glass Pack mufflers, for durability and ease of use on custom applications.

Pipe and Tubing

Walker(r) offers a complete line of quality direct- fit OE-style pipe for a bolt-on factory fit. Walker is your one-stop exhaust shop offering a full line of universal pipe, straight tubing, elbows, connectors and flex.


Walker(r) premium pipe is manufactured with precision benders, and then fixture checked, insuring every part is a perfect fit. Our premium pipe is designed with OEM type connections, to ensure leak free seals, and we utilize OEM routing and hanger positions to provide the perfect fit, for easy hassle-free installation.

Walker Resonator Assemblies

OE-style resonator welded assemblies that fit, perform and sound like the original system.

Walker Intermediate Pipe & Tail Pipe

Walker premium pre-bent pipe utilizes OEM routing and hanger positions give you hassle free installation and the perfect fit, for easy installation.

Walker Exhaust Flex Pipe

Walker premium pre-bent pipe is designed with OEM type connections, to ensure a leak free seal.

Walker Y-Pipe, H-Pipe

Walker premium pre-bent pipe is manufactured with precision benders, and then fixture checked, insuring every part is a perfect fit, providing quick and easy installation.

Universal Pipe

Walker(r) utilizes a state-of-the-art tube cutting manufacturing process, to produce burr-free tubing, that is easy to install. Modifications to the exhaust system including fabrication or welding may be required to install these universal parts.


Walker Quick-Fit pipes are designed with all the difficult bends included, a few simple bends are required prior to installation, to fit your vehicles specific needs.

Flex Pipe

stainless steel flex portion, available with or with out bushings.

Flex Tubing

Walker Flex Tubing is available in galvanized, aluminized, or stainless steel to meet the specific needs of your vehicle.

Straight Tubing

Walker Straight Tubing is offered in 1-1/2" to 6" diameters to fit a wide range of vehicles.


Walker offers a large selection of elbow designs and styles to fit all your exhaust repair needs.

Miscellaneous pipe

Walker offers extension pipes, resonator sub pipes, and tail spouts.

Air Gap Pipe

Learn about Walker's exclusive Gap Pipe Technology.
Walker air gap pipe, is double walled pipe with an "air gap" between layers of pipe to promote insulation and allow faster converter light-off, for reduced emissions. Walker incorporates air gap pipe into designs where the OE uses that technology (or a full 360° heat shield), and also where the front pipe is integral part of the converter assembly. Using air gap pipe also assures that there are no jagged edges and no