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Chassis Frame & Body is the basic structure of the vehicle & also the backbone of the vehicle. A vehicle without body is called chassis. The components of the vehicle like Transmission System, Axles, Wheels and Tires, Suspension, Braking System, steering system etc., and also the electrical system parts are mounted on the Car Chassis and frame. It is the main mounting for all components so it is called as carrying unit. There are different types of frames of a car like ladder frame, X-frame, Unibody frame and many more. We also have a monocoque Chassis which forms a composite structure for light weight as well as better stiffness. Although the chassis is neither flashy nor visible, it is an indispensable part of your vehicle without which it cannot function. In the event of your vehicle being damaged due to a collision, critical system like the drivetrain and suspension will not be able to operate properly. When looking for replacements you will have to be very cautious and try for genuine replacement parts. Even the slightest of dimensional issues can create fitting and alignment issues in car frame. Some of the frame hardware kits include like subframes, crossmembers, rails and pillars along with other items like braces, brackets, mounts, bushings, body plugs, ground straps, helical spring and chassis hardware.

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Knowing the importance of the vehicle chassis design to a vehicle, you do not want to ignore any signs of wear and tear. In order to keep your vehicle in good condition you need to regularly check on the condition of all the joints of your suspension system. With the exception of the steering swivel joints, Universal joints and pivots in a modern vehicle are made of rubber or plastic bushes. If any of these lower ball joints are damaged, you will have to replace them. Also, if any of the rubber bushes are cracked or distorted they will need to be replaced. Check around the motor mounts and see if there are any signs of rust or damage. Examine the front and rear suspension and Car Structure to ensure that all parts like motor mounts, swivels and steering links, coil spring, stabilizer link and shift boot are intact and sound.

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